View From Marin

WE USHER IN spring with a piece on juicing, including recipes so you can make the delicious and healthy concoctions on your own. Writer and food blogger Lynda Balslev encourages you to reset your body and blend, juice and muddle your way to better health.

Next up, Samantha Parent Walravens takes a look at competitive sports in Marin and its impact on children. She talks to parents who swear by the extra competition and time commitments and others who have decided it’s better to keep their kids in the recreational leagues. We wrap up features with our home renovation special section. Laura Hilgers talks to a Mill Valley family who underwent an exhaustive home renovation that paid off big time with a deck for him and a kitchen for her. We also take a look at what’s hot in home makeovers — personal coffee bar, anyone? — and follow that up with a special section full of useful resources.

Up front we’ve got an update on Drakes Estero and information on the 100th anniversary of the Panama-Pacific International Exposition. We also introduce you to MasterChef Junior’s Samuel Stromberg, along with a Titanic collector and locals who are preserving Marin’s history one restoration at a time.

In Destinations we invite you to explore Vancouver (does it remind you of a certain city by the bay?) and complete the rim-to-rim-to-rim challenge in the Grand Canyon. We also have the latest from wine country and a photo essay about one man’s strange journey to Iceland.

It’s a jam-packed issue full of great stories to kick off spring, and we hope you enjoy it. Now it’s time to grab the hammer and start that renovation — if you do, there might be a delicious blended juice waiting for you when you finish.