View from Mt. Tam

Our annual wedding issue gets personal with the stories of four couples who navigated the prenuptial maze and made their wedding days perfectly theirs (even if it did meaning walking down the aisle to the music of Travis Tritt). Samantha Schoech takes us from Maine to St. Helena to Kauai to our very own Rancho Nicasio.

Our Wedding Resource Guide provides you with six pages of information about local dressmakers, bakeries, caterers, jewelers and photographers. In FYI Trends, Somer Flaherty finds that diamonds are still a groom-to-be’s best friend when he’s buying that engagement ring, but wedding rings are adding color—diamonds, yes, but sapphires, amethysts and aquamarines, too. And for the big day itself, Lili Shahabi of Sausalito reveals her wedding day makeup secrets in FYI Beauty.

In Home, P. J. Bremier guides us through the angled rooms of a Belvedere home that served as architect Jean Fair’s tribute to the sleek openness of modernism—and her pact with the compelling views the home commanded.

This month, two inveterate wanderers take us on disparate adventures. In “Another Trek in the Wall,” photojournalist Vassi Koutsaftis crosses the border from Tajikistan into northern Afghanistan for a Himalayan walkabout. Closer to home in FYI Auto, Bay Area Backroads host Doug McConnell pushes a Nissan hybrid to the limit, seeing how far he can get on a tank of gas. Utah, anyone?

We also engage in Dialogue with musician Dan Hicks, have a Conversation with fitness guru Eric Harr, meet Tiburon composer Ron McFarland, and hear the success stories of Fairfax baker Maria Craft-Neto and Sausalito event planner Nicole Irvin, both beneficiaries of Women’s Initiative business training. Finally, Microclimate visits Belvedere and finds that despite a bit of unadvertised fog, it’s a fine place to live.

As always, our wish is for your good reading. Enjoy Marin Magazine, as we continue to celebrate this extraordinary place!

Lisa Shanower, Publisher
Nikki Wood, Editorial Director
Jim Wood, Executive Editor