View from Mt. Tam

Few places have less in common than the leafy island community of Belvedere and the embattled Iraqi capital, Baghdad. Yet, there is a connection—one made by Belvedere Mayor Tom Cromwell, an anesthesiologist who led a team of fellow doctors on a teaching mission to Iraq. We made the long trip with them, and in Journey we tell the story of two worlds of medicine coming together under difficult circumstances.

Here in Marin, we find another link to the war in Iraq —and meet another extraordinary group of people—at The Redwoods, the engaging Mill Valley retirement community that is home to Seniors for Peace, whose members have held a lively street-corner antiwar protest, come rain or come shine, for nearly six years. Among them we find a teacher, a radio pioneer, a civic activist and a writer of children’s books. Tim Porter provides the visual portraits.

In Home, cosmetics executive Leslie Blodgett welcomes P. J. Bremier into her lovely Tiburon home (designed by Jessica Hall Grace) for a family Christmas tour—a 12-foot tree, colored lights, and a Christmas Eve that includes the traditional (steaming New Mexican posole) and the modern (streaming Santa Claus on the Web).

Also in this issue, in FYI People, Somer Flaherty profiles Eva Beale of Mill Valley, whose recent book and online jewelry collection is based on family ties to the Bouvier clan of Jackie Kennedy fame; in FYI Travel, Mimi Towle offers a go-and-do guide to San Francisco during the holiday season; in FYI Art we say hello—and farewell—to Jeanne Bogardus of the Marin Arts Council; Dialogue chats with restaurateur Cecilia Chiang; and Microclimate wanders about in Sausalito.

As always, our wish is for your good reading. Enjoy Marin Magazine, as we continue to celebrate this extraordinary place!

Lisa Shanower, Publisher
Nikki Wood, Editorial Director
Jim Wood, Executive Editor