Olive's Local Roots

If you tune into Sarah and Vinnie’s morning show on Alice 97.3, you might have heard about Hooman Khalili’s (a personality on the show) film Olive. As you would have heard, it is one of the first full-length feature films shot completely on a cell phone. (Amazingly, this is already a thing.) Last May, it was shown here in Marin at the Sausalito Film Festival and has attracted much attention since. Dolly Parton has even recorded a new song exclusively for the film! Its official theatrical premiere is set for December 16-22 at the Laemmle Fallbrook 7 Cinema in Los Angeles.

Olive follows a young girl who impacts the lives of three people without any verbal communication. Many of the scenes were filmed in Marin, including the opening scene which was filmed in a backyard in Novato. Skywalker Sound was responsible for its sound design.

Khalili hopes the film will become the first independently financed film shown at over 2,000 theaters across the country without the backing of a major studio. An Oscar nod would be a plus, too.

Check out the first five minutes of the film available on the website: olivethemovie.com