Linking Up to Amplify the Good

Amplify the Good Illustration, Marin Magazine

AS YOU MAY know, Make It Better Media Group proudly acquired Marin Magazine in 2017 in order to expand our social-impact-amplifying digital platform into the Bay Area. This was an ideal marriage of strong brands because the Bay Area community’s commitment to the important values already found in the Make It Better strategy is extraordinary.

Marin readers and advertisers excel at supporting education, the arts, social justice, family-owned businesses, local interests, and philanthropic endeavors.

That’s exactly what we’ve been doing in Chicago for more than a decade. Importantly, though, we’ve used a powerful online publishing strategy to create a unique and extraordinary digital ecosystem that connects and amplifies the best community resources. In partnership with Marin, we’re growing this publishing ecosystem to serve your community as well.

At the heart of all this is our 1-5-10 Amplification Strategy.

Think of one article, which references and connects to at least five sources trusted by Google search, who each are likely to then share the article with their networks of at least 10 (or better yet, 10,000). In general, Google places trust in nonprofits, universities, government sources, media, and respected brands.

This tends to replicate what savvy individuals do in life — recommend, use, and invest faith in resources.

Marin recently adopted the Better Letter email newsletter format, which follows this strategy. We recommend the letter to you if you don’t already subscribe. We also recommend that you use our 1-5-10 strategy to amplify your passions and best work. Send us a “You Said It” or “Op-Ed” article using 1-5-10 and we just may proudly feature it in a future Better Letter.

We think you’ll discover that when you develop a habit of sharing positivity, you will grow more powerful connections.

These digital articles and links are internet gold and they last forever. Please think of them like a flotilla of small boats connected to one large mother ship. Our rising tide of powerful positive connections lifts all. Your social impact is amplified. Ultimately, Marin’s influence will grow beyond the Bay Area, across the country, and around the world. We invite you to please grow your good with us.


Thank you.


Susan B. Noyes is the founder and chief visionary officer of Make It Better Media Group, as well as the founder of Make It Better Foundation’s Philanthropy Awards. A mother of six, former Sidley Austin labor lawyer and U.S. Congressional aide, passionate philanthropist and intuitive connector, she has served on the boards of the Poetry Foundation, Harvard University Graduate School of Education Visiting Committee, American Red Cross, Lurie Children’s Hospital, Annenberg Challenge, Chicago Public Education Fund, Lyric Opera of Chicago, Chicago Symphony Orchestra, New Trier High School District 203 and her beloved Kenilworth Union Church. Most of all, she enjoys serving others, creating virtuous circles that amplify social impact for all.