Help Wildfire Victims and Support Firefighters: Where to Donate to Fight the Caldor Fire, Dixie Fire and Others

California Fire

California officially has a new climate, according to Dr. Noah Diffenbaugh of Stanford University. The climate scientist recently told ABC News that heat waves, dry conditions and yet another record-setting fire season means this may well be our new, tragic, normal.

This year, wildfires have ravaged the far north of California. As of August 31, 2021, the Dixie Fire has destroyed over 800,000 acres. But the fire closest to home and many of our hearts is the Caldor Fire, which is currently burning perilously close to South Lake Tahoe, a beloved vacation destination for many Californians. The fire has already tried to engulf the ski resorts of Kirkwood and Sierra at Tahoe, but has so far been held at bay.

It’s easy to feel powerless watching our forests burning and families losing homes, but every fire season, communities have banded together to help, saving lives and supporting those who have suffered loses.

Here are a few ways to support both the brave firefighters battling the flames and the victims who have been displaced this year.

Caldor Fire:

El Dorado Community Foundation:

The El Dorado Fire Fund has been set up to help those in El Doroado county who have been financially impacted by the Caldor Fire, providing money for food and animals’ needs.

Evacuation Team Amador:

This Amador County-based group helps evacuate animals and provides them with shelter during wildfires.

Sacramento SPCA:

The Sacramento animal shelter is transferring pets from shelters in El Dorado County to Sacramento to clear space for animals lost during the Caldor Fire.

The Salvation Army Emergency Disaster Services:

The Salvation Army is serving meals and snacks to residents at three evacuation centers in the region.


The company facilities free temporary housing to residents who are displaced during wildfires and other disasters. Find out how you can host those who have been displaced, or make a donation to cover the cost of a stay.


American Red Cross Northern California Chapter:

The Red Cross is operating several shelters for fire evacuees. Donations will go to the Red Cross’ disaster relief efforts.

California Fire Foundation:

This foundation provides emotional and financial assistance to families of fallen firefighters, active firefighters and the communities they protect.

CDP California Wildfires Recovery Fund:

Help the Center for Disaster Philanthropy support those affected by the wildfires.

GlobalGiving — California Wildfire:

Providing support for firefighters and supplying food, water and medicine to people in need.


GoFund me has launched the California Wildfire Cause General Fund to offer relief for those in need, as well as running a centralized hub for fundraisers that will help residents who have lost their homes.

Wildfire Relief Fund:

Supporting immediate, mid- and long-term recovery efforts for major California wildfires.

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