Spotlight: Cassie Zampa-Kiem Talks Dating in 2021 — How To Make Meeting New People Easier

Innovation Match couple dating, holding hands with sunset

Here we catch up with Cassie Zampa-Kiem, a renowned dating and relationship strategist, author, speaker and coach. She is the founder and CEO of Innovative Match, a national relationship-services firm.

Briefly describe your business philosophy

Dating is a business, for sure. However, when your work has you dealing with people’s emotions and their hearts, it’s personal. The term “It’s just business” is not something you’ll ever hear me say. What I’m in the business of is changing people’s lives. Life can be even more enjoyable than it is when you have someone to share it with, and my goal is to find and guide my clients to that person. 

What is your competitive edge?

Because love and dating don’t have business hours, neither do I. Part of the services I offer my clients, in addition to online dating profile writing and management of their online dating accounts, is coaching. That can encompass scheduled sessions as much as it can an impromptu phone call from a client on the way to a first date because they’re nervous. I’ve gotten texts and calls from clients in the restroom asking: “What do I say if…” or “What should I do when…” I always answer. My clients know I’m always here for them.

Describe your dream client/customer.

My dream client/customer is someone who’s ready to date. This person has worked through their past relationship(s), their marriage, their issues with their parents, whatever has been holding them back. They’re open to meeting someone and can visualize that person, although not too specifically. They have a list of “wants” as well as dealbreakers but realize love comes in different shapes and sizes and when you least expect it. They don’t take themselves or dating too seriously, understanding dating is supposed to be fun, not a chore, and that they can learn from every experience.  

Which product or service (that you offer) is your favorite?

One of my favorite services involves taking over a client’s online dating accounts. The reason is sometimes clients overlook potentially great matches because they’ve become so conditioned to picking people based on the same criteria they always have in the past, even when what they were doing in the past wasn’t working for them. We’re all creatures of habit. When I take over a client’s online dating accounts, I help them break old habits. I get to handpick people they never would’ve picked themselves, and explain why I picked them. Having options is understanding why they’re options and why they should give someone new a chance. Very often it’s the person they overlooked who turns out to be a great match.   

What makes your work worthwhile?

What makes my work worthwhile is the people I meet. My clients are women and men, in various age groups, and from all walks of life. All of them come to me with unique experiences and a life story that makes them who they are and why they will be attractive to someone else. I’m the messenger.