Rescued Brown Pelicans Will Return to the Wild This Friday

Rescued Brown Pelicans Will Return to the Wild This Friday, Marin Magazine

Everyone is welcome to join the International Bird Rescue in the official release of a handful of healthy Brown Pelicans at Fort Baker, Sausalito this Friday, June 29, 2018 at 11AM. This is a true celebration considering 88 sick, young Brown Pelicans have flooded into Northern California wildlife centers from parks and beaches as far south as Monterey since April. 

Founded by the Bay Area’s Alice Berkner in 1971, International Bird Rescue has been saving waterbirds from oil spills, fishing tackle entanglements, prey shortages and climate change for over 45 years. From rescue to rehabilitation, everything they do is supported by the generosity and care of the public. 

“We want to thank Frank from Crows Nest, South Carolina, who found a sick and weak pelican with a severe wing injury while in Santa Cruz and took action that ultimately saved its life.” said JD Bergeron, executive director of International Bird Rescue in a recent press release. 

“We send our deepest thanks to all the people who first saw these birds in trouble, to those who helped capture and bring them to our center, to the staff and volunteers who fed and medicated them, to the donors who helped pay for fish and veterinary care,” continued Bergeron. “I am so inspired by the village of caring people who step up to protect nature.”

What caused the grounding of these sick and starving birds is still unknown, but Bird Rescue suspects that changing ocean conditions, including warming water temperatures and the lack of available fish, are the main factors.

To help keep track of this iconic seabird, Bird Rescue marks each released bird with a large, plastic blue leg band with easily readable white numbers. Anyone can help make a difference by reporting sightings of these blue-banded pelicans online. Donations are also greatly appreciated and can be made online at www.birdrescue.orgor mailing to the center directly. 

Bird Rescue encourages anyone who spots a sick or injured pelican to call their local animal control or contact them directly at 707-207-0380.