Support Amazon Watch and Indigenous Peoples Throughout the Amazon Basin: On Earth Day, Your Donation’s Impact Will Be Doubled

Since 1996, Amazon Watch has protected the Amazon and our global climate in solidarity with Indigenous peoples throughout the Amazon Basin. Rampant deforestation has brought the Amazon — the heart pump of our planet’s global weather system — to its ecological tipping point. Indigenous peoples have sounded the urgent warning that we must act now to avert the worst of the climate crisis in the next three years. That is why this Earth Day calls for immediate action for the Amazon. In recognition that now is the moment to act in partnership with Indigenous peoples and permanently protect the rainforest, Make it Better Foundation is matching all donations to Amazon Watch dollar-for-dollar up to $10,000 through April 30th.

Amazon Watch
Image credit: Kamika Kisedje

Indigenous peoples are the best stewards of the Amazon rainforest, defending land, water, and life and calling for climate justice, autonomy, and self-determination. As the world’s largest and most bio-culturally diverse tropical rainforest, the Amazon is essential to regulating global climate and avoiding the worst outcomes of the climate crisis. And, according to scientific studies, Indigenous lands are “currently the most important barrier to Amazon deforestation.” The bottom line: protecting Indigenous rights is instrumental to protecting the Amazon.

In addition to their program work in solidarity with Indigenous peoples, Amazon Watch distributes nearly a third of its budget directly into the hands of Indigenous leaders, communities, and organizations through their Amazon Defenders Fund (ADF). Last year, Amazon Watch redistributed $1.9 million dollars to empower Indigenous initiatives to resist destruction and defend their territories, and plans to continue this trajectory of growth in the coming years. Donations to Amazon Watch result in direct solidarity funding for measures including the safety and security of Earth Defenders, COVID-19 relief, oil spill cleanup, wildfire management, solar panel installations, Indigenous women’s leadership and movement-building, and so much more.

To further amplify Indigenous rights, resistance, and solutions supported through solidarity grants, Amazon Watch carries out campaigns and communications to halt and hold accountable the major drivers of Amazon destruction and advance Indigenous defense of the rainforest. This includes exposing major financiers and backers of extractive activity and destruction, reporting on human rights violations, and uplifting the brilliant movements of Indigenous peoples throughout the Amazon Basin.

Image credit: Amazon Watch/Caroline Bennett

Permanently protecting the rainforest in solidarity with Indigenous peoples will take a global community. Through April 30, you can maximize your impact on this movement by making a donation to Amazon Watch. Your contribution will be matched dollar-for-dollar, up to $10,000, by Make it Better Foundation. Thank you for your commitment to the future of the rainforest and our climate!

Amazon Watch currently has Guidestar’s Platinum Seal of Transparency and a four-star, 100% rating on Charity Navigator.