The Climate Center to Convene Thought Leaders for a Climate-Safe Future: Be Part of the Change at the California Climate Policy Summit on April 18

the climate center

The Climate Center is a climate-and-energy-policy-nonprofit working to rapidly reduce climate pollution at scale, starting in California. 

We envision a future where everyone in California enjoys equal access to climate solutions, from clean air to renewable energy, healthy food and more. And we know that California has the tools and know-how to make this vision a reality — if our elected leaders act with the urgency the climate crisis demands. 

At the California Climate Policy Summit on Monday, April 18, in Sacramento, we’re bringing together lawmakers, clean energy businesses and climate activists to explore how California can accelerate action for a climate-safe future.

The challenge 

The climate crisis is hitting harder and faster than scientists predicted even a few years ago. Devastating wildfires, toxic smoke, extreme heat and crippling drought have become the new normal for Californians, disproportionately harming people of color and working-class communities. If we don’t quickly and dramatically change course, these climate extremes will only get worse. The longer we delay action, the more costly these disasters become — in both dollars and human lives. 

This crisis requires bold, comprehensive government action now. California, historically a global climate leader, has fallen behind. 

Our solution

Climate-Safe California is a unique and comprehensive campaign to make California the first state in the nation to become carbon negative — meaning we remove more climate pollution from the atmosphere than we emit.

Scientists have repeatedly warned that California must act quickly to address the climate crisis or face more devastating fires, floods, heat waves and drought. If we act now, we can secure clean air, abundant water, food security and social equity. Our state has an opportunity to lead the world toward a climate-safe future through bold policy that builds a more equitable and sustainable economy. 

What you can do

The California Climate Policy Summit, hosted by The Climate Center on April 18, will bring together elected officials, business leaders, policy experts, activists, climate scientists and environmental justice advocates to turn bold ideas into action for a climate-safe California. 

Our agenda includes plenary speeches by scientists, lawmakers and activists, as well as in-depth breakout sessions focused on phasing out fossil fuels, carbon sequestration and building a Grid for the Future. The summit will be followed by a day of advocacy at the legislature that moves the state toward equitable, accelerated climate action. 

We hope you’ll join us at the California Climate Policy Summit and in our ongoing efforts to make bold, equitable climate solutions a reality in California.

Find more information and register for the California Climate Policy Summit at

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