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Update the Plan

Jim Wood, thanks for taking an objective look at the lawsuit [calling for environmental impact reevaluation of the ranching leases in a portion of Point Reyes National Seashore] (POV, “Ranching Review,” April) when other local news agencies have not. As you point out, the suit is not aimed at stopping ranching. It was filed, primarily, to force the National Park Service to update its 36-year-old master plan, which is called, in park service parlance, a “general management plan.” That plan was created only two years after the 1978 federal law was enacted requiring the park service to prepare and periodically update a master plan for each park. It was very short and deficient in many ways, including the fact that it should have addressed the question of how the then-recently acquired ranch lands should be managed long-term. A new or updated plan is long overdue. The Park Service has avoided this planning responsibility since it began writing the outdated plan 36 or more years ago. How anyone can be opposed to doing master plans here is inexplicable, unless they believe ranching in the park is unsupportable. JIM CODA, PETALUMA

Get Wild

Thank you for your article on Karen Wilson (Conversation, May), executive director of WildCare. It is wonderful to read about the transformation that is taking place at WildCare under the tutelage of Wilson. That this organization only employs 32 people is unbelievable given all of the work that they do. Makes me proud of the way we take care of our wildlife in Marin. WENDY BENEDICT, NOVATO

No Bang

What a disappointment that your home remodeling story “Bang for Your Buck” (April) didn’t include any pictures of the work. Instead you put in three unrelated and useless pictures. We wanted to see what the story was written about. MARSHALL AND TIMO KRAUSE, VIA EMAIL

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