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Ballot Talk

Jim Wood, thank you for your recommendations in this month’s issue (POV, “Ballot Breakdown,” June). I’m especially grateful since your recommendations match mine. BARBARA ROWE, VIA EMAIL

Jim, I look forward to reading your POV article in each magazine I receive. In this month’s article you declare that Hillary [Clinton] is “the most qualified candidate to appear in my lifetime.” I am not as convinced as you and would like to hear maybe five or 10 reasons or qualifications on why you think so? I keep hearing that people support her, but I wonder what the support is based on? Her time as first lady? Senator? Secretary of State? DONALD STROH, LARKSPUR

Challenging Situation

Jim, thanks for your article (POV, “Downtown Challenge,” May). San Rafael’s homeless population has a favorite new pastime — begging inside restaurants in the faces of families enjoying the meals they worked hard to pay for. Customers are guilted into “offering it up” to someone who may or may not be less fortunate than themselves. It’s a struggle for restaurant owners in the area, specifically on Fourth Street. San Rafael, as a historic landmark, is an ideal location for a business. Unfortunately, the growing unruly and lawless homeless population has created situations for some business owners that make running a successful enterprise incredibly challenging. LU CASTELLUCCI, SAN RAFAEL, VIA ONLINE

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