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Row Your Boat

Thanks for making Marin Magazine such a fine publication. I always read it cover to cover. Even the ads are attractive. I want to compliment you on the cover for the annual 2016 cover contest (May, 2016). As the originator of recreational rowing in Marin back in 1967, I had no idea it would eventually became the Marin Rowing Association. Created with the help, insight and skills of Greenbrae’s Bob Cummings, a 1932 Olympic sculler representing Canada (the Boat House is named in his honor), and many other former oarsmen and scullers, the success of the sport in Marin is good to see and perfectly expressed by artist Barrie Barnett. HOWARD LEVENSON, SAN RAFAEL

Baby on the Bridge

Thanks for your article on the Golden Gate Bridge and the babies born there (Summer Guide, 2016). There was also, in 1968, a little girl delivered on the bridge. My father, Capt. Edward Moore, was present at her birth. MARILYN MOORE DINEEN, SAN RAFAEL


I enjoy your magazine, and that is not at all lessened by finding a mistake in the recent issue. The photo on page 146 (Looking Back, June) is taken at the intersection of Princess Street and Bridgeway (aka Water Street) looking north, not south. You can see in the distance the stone elephants that mark the park. They are still there, as is the new ferry landing. Much of the text in the article is turned around in the labeling of what is in the photo. IAN SOBIESKI, VIA EMAIL

In our July Journey about Ethiopia we called the country the most populous in the world. We intended to say it is the most populous landlocked country in the world.

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