What Makes Home, Home: Put Values At the Top of Your List

IF YOU’RE READING this, you likely live in a home into which you welcome, or are welcomed by, family and friends. Furthermore, it’s probably in one of the most beautiful, protected and privileged areas of our great country. To be welcomed into your home is a great blessing.

Because your time and attention are so valuable, you reading this letter is a blessing for me, Marin Magazine and the rest of Make It Better Media Group. We hope that you feel at home with us too.

There is much to love about life in Marin County, but our values are at the top of my list. We’re grateful to live in community with each other, nestled in magnificent nature. We think long-term and about others. Our lifestyle choices are more likely to preserve our planet for the future than fill our homes with thoughtless abundance in the present.

We don’t just espouse social justice for underserved others, we inherently choose to foster opportunities to help them.

To publish helpful content for those who love Marin is a blessing too. This print issue represents only a small fraction of our outstanding home-related content. If you enjoy this, you will love our treasure trove of additional articles and resource guides online that can help you improve your home, live more sustainably, support local resources and help others.

For example, among our online content you will find a comprehensive directory of renovation experts, home-related stories, and unparalleled dining, entertainment and local human-interest coverage. Furthermore, if articles in this issue about foster care needs and organized efforts to rebuild homes destroyed by the numerous local wildfires pique your interest, online you will find easy ways to get involved and other information on how to help out.

Perhaps best of all, absolutely everything we publish and do online can help to amplify your social impact. With one click, share or comment, you join a network of others who also love Marin, want to support the best in this community and foster a better future for the world. If you haven’t done so yet, please subscribe to our weekly “Better Letter” email newsletter and follow us through your favorite social media channels.

We hope that you always feel welcome and at home when you read our magazine and peruse our online content.