The History of the Statue at Dillon Beach

The long days of summer are especially conducive to Sunday drives, and this year might we suggest a day trip up the coast to the community of Dillon Beach. The area includes a sliver of white sand on the upper shore of Tomales Bay that’s Marin’s northernmost beach; it’s a great dog-walking spot during low tide and, for those hardy enough to handle the strong swells, cold water and potential sharks, a coveted place to surf. On arrival at the only private beach in Northern California, it’s hard to miss the 13-foot bronze sword-wielding statue, “Captain Dillon,” procured at a charity auction by the Cline family, who also bought the property with its store, trailer park, cabins, restaurant and parking lot back in 2000. The current landowners thought the Captain an apt landmark and, having a large family of their own, hope he beckons other parents to bring their children to visit the area, hear some pirate stories and possibly dig for their own treasure on the wild sandy shore.