Mount Tam’s Biodiversity

MOUNT TAMALPAIS is the highest peak in Marin and is adored by locals and travelers alike for its breathtaking redwoods, stunning hikes and expansive views. As beautiful as it is, the mountain serves an even greater purpose as a critical refuge for the creatures and plants that thrive here. Being located steps away from the coast creates a remarkably varied topography, with an array of microclimates that support a diverse collection of wildlife. Today the mountain remains a symbolic crown jewel of Marin, and the 41,000 acres that cradle a delicate ecosystem are home to more than 1,600 different species. Here are some wild facts about the peak’s biodiversity that you may not have known.

750 native plant species are found on Mount Tam

6 native plants growing on Mount Tam are found nowhere else in the world

46 animal species on the mountain are listed as threatened, endangered, sensitive or rare

10 times more native plants per acre are found on Mount Tam than in Yosemite

20 times smaller than Yosemite


This article originally appeared in Marin Magazine’s print edition under the headline: “More to Mount Tam.”