Stafford Lake Bike Park

The brainchild of Al Baumann, the vice president of Friends of Stafford Lake Bike Park, the Stafford Lake Bike Park took a little over a year to complete. It’s a place where riders of all ages and abilities can progress and test their skills in safe, fun and appropriate conditions.

In August of last year, the eight-acre Phase One opened to the public on a 17-acre portion of Novato’s 139-acre Stafford Lake Park. The nine-acre Phase Two will be open later this year. Phase One currently offers a pump BMX–style track, side-by-side dual slalom courses (the only one west of Truckee) and a perimeter loop trail for all abilities. Phase Two will include a flow trail, a new pump BMX–style track and a parking lot with access for people with disabilities.

Hundreds of riders have enjoyed the park since its opening, coming from all over the Bay Area to check out all its features.

“This is really Marin County’s first private- public partnership, and thus far it has been very successful,” says Julia Violich, who founded the nonprofit Friends of Stafford Lake Bike Park. “And we expect to serve hundreds of riders from all over the Bay Area and the western United States.” Her group in conjunction with Marin County Parks raised almost all the funding from local companies, families and foundations. The bike park is maintained by a dedicated crew of volunteers/riders who keep the area fun and safe to ride in; the group is always looking for additional volunteers to pitch in.

If You Go:

PARK HOURS May 1–September 13, 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.

FEES Weekday vehicle parking, $5; weekend vehicle parking, $10; bike/walk-in, free

AMENITIES Restrooms, drinking fountains and plenty of parking