Tiburon Sailor Makes Youth America's Cup


For fourteen young sailors, their America’s Cup aspirations are becoming a reality. Today, ORACLE TEAM USA unveiled the sailors who will compete on behalf of the United States for the Red Bull Youth America’s Cup, a list that includes Tiburon resident Tomas Pastalka. The 19-year old Pastalka will be a member of the American Youth Sailing Force team, who will represent the City of San Francisco in the event, along with Bay Area sailors Michael Radziejowski of Alameda and David Liebenberg of San Francisco. 

One of the most exciting new elements of the 34th America’s Cup, the Red Bull Youth America’s Cup was designed as opportunity to create a clear pathway for young athletes seeking professional sailing careers. As the inaugural Youth AC will be held in the U.S., it will see two American entries – one representing the host city of San Francisco and one representing the country.

“It’s a massive stepping stone toward getting involved with the America’s Cup,” said ORACLE TEAM USA coach Darren Bundock in a statement released today. “We were looking for a variety of things – mainly potential – and finding those teams that gelled together and that we think can go forward and win the Red Bull Youth America’s Cup.”

The event will be held September 1-4, 2013 on San Francisco Bay, featuring sailors aged 19-24 from countries around the world. With the foreign competitors to be selected, the American teams now have the opportunity to begin their training. As they experienced during their selection series, these young sailors have a steep learning curve – both mental and physical – as they work master the AC45 wing-sailed catamaran. 

To see the selection series in action, click here



Name, Age, Hometown, University

Ian Andrewes, 22, Seattle, Wash., Pacific Maritime Institute (graduated)

David Liebenberg, 21, San Francisco, Calif., Tufts University

Michael Menninger, 23, Newport Beach, Calif., St. Mary’s College of Maryland

Tomas Pastalka, 22, Tiburon, Calif., UC Santa Cruz

Matt Pistay, 22, Zenda, Wis.

Michael Radziejowski, 21, Alameda, Calif., UC Santa Cruz

Evan Sjostedt, 19, Long Beach, Calif., Seattle University



Name, Age, Hometown, University

Charlie Buckingham, 23, Newport Beach, Calif., Georgetown University (graduated)

Jacob La Dow, 19, San Diego, Calif., St. Mary’s College of Maryland

Graham Landy, 19, Virginia Beach, Va., Yale University

Jake Reynolds, 19, San Diego, Calif., College of Charleston

Nevin Snow, 19, San Diego, Calif., Georgetown University

John Wallace, 20, St. Petersburg, Fla., St. Mary’s College of Maryland

Matthew Whitehead, 19, Tampa, Fla., University of South Florida