Altuzarra for Target

I love a great designer collaboration, and Sunday, September 14th marked the official launch of Altuzarra for Target. The designer, Joseph Altuzarra, is only 30 years old but has already been making a huge splash in the fashion world. He started his collection in 2008 and in 2014 won the CFDA Womenswear Designer of the Year award.

I had actually forgotten the launch was happening (I know, how could I forget?!), but serendipitously ended up at Target on Sunday morning shopping for toiletries and cat litter. As I rounded the clothing corner I startled my husband as I spotted the Altuzarra display and started running towards it, yelling back to him that I had to "go look at something." And lo and behold, the racks were still full of goodies with plenty of sizes left of each. I managed to control my shopping addiction and only bought one piece, the black sweater with gold crane embroidery at the shoulders. But upon returning home and browsing the full collection online I also snapped up the gorgeous ruby draped wrap dress (a steal at only $40!). The best part of the collection in my opinion is that every single piece retails for under $100.

As of today, there are still items available on the Target website (though they are disappearing fast), so if you're craving this collection check it out! And the collection is also sold in Target stores, so you might still have some luck there as well.