Fashion Trends


Lighten Up

This summer, take a cue from the designer runway—ditch the dark suit and embrace lighter-hued alternatives, which transfer from the office to an after-work function with ease. “California is a bit more casual and colors are great for the summer,” says Neiman Marcus men’s fashion director Colby McWilliams. The trick is to pair the suit with muted, solid-color shirts and impeccable shoes.

1. Ermenegildo Zegna Jacket, $1,765; trousers, $300; shoes, $385; cashmere knit top, $675. Gene Hiller (Sausalito). 415.332.3636,

2. Ralph Lauren Suit, $1,295; shirt, $125; tie, $95. Ralph Lauren (SF). 415.788.7656,

3. Marc Jacobs Linen suit, $1,470; shirt, $370; boots, $350. Marc Jacobs (SF). 415.362.6500,

4. Paul Smith Shirt, $560; skinny tie, $125; cardigan, $440; belt, $180; pants, $335; shoes, $465. Neiman Marcus (SF). 415.362.3900,

5. Louis Vuitton Jacket, $1,694; shirt, $601; trousers, $647. Louis Vuitton (SF). 415.391.6200,



































 Size Does Matter

There’s nothing worse than clothing that doesn’t fit—or isn’t comfortable. Buy clothing for its cut, shape and style to look ten pounds lighter and ten times more fashionable. Stylist Stacy London agrees—the outspoken cohost of TLC’s television show What Not to Wear was quoted as saying, “Fit your body the best way you can by actually fitting it. Don’t wear anything oversized—every guy seems to think he’s two sizes larger (than he actually is).”

1. Gentlemen Prefer The Sausalito-based Birds Boxers is producing skivvies with sea island cotton, a tailored fit and no elastic—which means no more impressions on the waist from a too-tight band. $75 at Gene Hiller (Sausalito). 415.332.3636,

2. Knowledge, Wisdom, Truth Robert Stokes, the designer behind the Robert Graham line (and formerly of Ralph Lauren), has the above three Zenlike words embroidered somewhere on each shirt he produces. However, the collection is really distinguished by exquisite detailing, fit and contrasting fabrics such as those used in the pictured Sea Pines shirt. $158 at Famous For Our Look (Mill Valley). 415.388.2550,

3. The Right Fit The Fairfax Jean (named after the L.A. street, not the Marin town) is a take on Paige Premium Denim’s classic boot cut. Designer Paige Adams-Geller, a former fit model for major fashion houses, just unveiled the new men’s line and it has quickly become the go-to for tailored denim. $220 at Famous For Our Look (Mill Valley). 415.388.2550,

4. The Design It only takes small details to add big style to an otherwise plain shirt. The 7 Diamonds brand is known for its athletic fit, body-contouring cuts and darting. $89 at Nordstrom (Corte Madera). 415.927.1690,

5. A Suitable Shoe A well-made shoe can (and should be) extremely comfortable. This Coach Eli loafer is worth paying extra for and the quality and durability make it a wise investment. $238 at Coach (Corte Madera). 415.924.5046,