Freda Salvador Sample Sale

It's one of my favorite times of the year –– the Freda Salvador sample sale! This Saturday (February 27th), for one day only, these supremely cool handmade boots and shoes from Spain (and designed right here in Sausalito) will be available at a huge discount. The shoes normally retail for around $330 to $595, and will be available for only $80 to $150! I'm a huge fan, and ended up buying three pairs of shoes at their last sale. If it's the same as last year, they divide the room into the different shoe sizes, so it's very easy to spot your size and head over to that area. I usually avoid sample sales because I hate dealing with the chaos, but it was very organized and everyone was friendly and excited about the shoes.

Some expert tips:

  • Wear shoes that are easy to slip on and off and keep them in your hands when you're trying on shoes or someone might grab them up thinking they are the samples!
  • If you're planning on looking for boots or are wary of germs, wear thin socks to try on the shoes and boots.
  • Get there early! The sale officially starts at 10 a.m., but the line will start forming earlier than that. However, they always have plenty of shoes, so don't be discouraged if you end up at the back of a long line.

The sale details are below, and if you end up going, share pics of what you bought.