Travel Takes On Color

It’s no secret that traveling during the holidays is a hassle. Why add the stress of searching for luggage in a sea of black suitcases at the airport carousel? A flash of color isn’t only a quick way to catch your eye but this season’s top choice for designers. ­­—S.F.

1. Monogram Pegase 50 wheeler by Louis Vuitton, $2130 at Louis Vuitton (SF). 415.391.6200,

2. The X2 four-wheel Flash in green by Titan, $675 at Flight 001 (SF). 415.487.1001,

3. Pinup Shoe luggage tag by Fluff, $14 at Lulu Blue (Mill Valley) 415.388.5907,

4. The Gabbi and Lana bag by Benefit, $26 to $38 at Benefit (Mill Valley). 415.383.5577,

5. Double Deck luggage
in circle stripe print by Burton, $170 at Destination 1440 Marin (Greenbrae). 415.925.4384,

6. PVC Luggage Tag by Yosifa and Penina, $12 at Flight 001 (SF). 415.487.1001,