Best of the County

STANDING ALONE Vista Point is that blustery parking area on the Marin end of the Golden Gate. Standing stalwart and facing southward amid the tide of shivering tourists is a statue of a mariner — the Lone Sailor Memorial, an identical replica of one in Washington, D.C. For visitors, the sailor is a handy backdrop for selfies. For veterans, he is a remembrance of duty and sacrifice. For us here in Marin, he is, to quote the memorial plaque, “one last chance to look back at the City of San Francisco, shining on its hills, one last chance to look back at the coastline” before we head home.

Now that we’ve taken the long view, it’s time to zoom in and see what makes Marin such a spectacular place for food, drink, views, recreation and so much more. Here, more than 100 of the top eats, shops and places to play in this amazing county.

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