Manuka Honey, Matcha and Mushroom Coffee in Marin

Manuka Honey, Matcha and Mushroom Coffee in Marin, Marin Magazine

Manuka Honey

Once Costco starts selling something in large tubs you know it’s a big deal. Manuka honey has naturally occurring live enzymes and is known for its high level of antibacterial properties that are said to ease cold symptoms and coughs and even help treat cancer and lower cholesterol. This stronger-tasting honey can also be a topical remedy for burns and wound infections. Buy it online and at Trader Joe’s, Good Earth and Costco. Tip: Purchase only manuka produced, packed into pots and labeled in New Zealand by a licensed member of the Unique Manuka Honey Association of New Zealand.

Marin Magazine, Matcha


While regular green tea is known to be very good for health, it is true that in beverage form its benefits are diluted, because water can only extract a fraction of the valuable minerals and antioxidants from the leaves. Here is where matcha shines: when you consume it, you are drinking straight, stone-ground leaves. This ancient brew packs a punch as a detoxifier, antioxidant powerhouse and mood supporter. Buy matcha beverages and matcha-enhanced food items online, at your local health food market and at local coffee shops like Peet’s, Equator and Starbucks.

Mushroom Coffee

It may sound unsavory, but the positive effects could change your mind. The drink is made by boiling and liquefying dried medicinal mushrooms into an extract (the mushrooms must be cooked to release their benefits) and adding that to instant coffee. The resulting brew contains disease-fighting properties, lowers anxiety and boosts focus. The taste? A healthy, earthy flavor. Buy it online at