RN47 in San Francisco

RN74 has been promoting their new wine programming since last fall, and a night out with my daughter Grace, provided the perfect time to check it out. Here’s her take on the experience:

Vibe: Young urban types, looks like people are having a great time. Good place to have an after work meeting or a special occasion dinner. The bar has barstools and tables, so there are plenty of places to sit, while you wait for a table. The interior is designed to look like a train in France, the wines available change on one board at the end of the room. The name pays homage to the Route Nationale 74, the main highway that runs through the Burgundy wine region of France.  

Food: The menu by executive chef Michael Lee Rafidi, features many French-inspired delicacies such as Burgundy escargot croissants, $18 and smoked bone marrow, with Vadouvan Butter, Oxtail Marmalade, Lemon Confit, $16. Both filling on their own, but we also had the beef tartare, and Chitarra pasta, Uni 'Carbonara', Braised Clams, Guanciale, Espelette, 22. I would recommend all of these dishes. Also beware the chef will send out tasty treats called ‘amuse bouche’ which means something like mouth amusement in French, which are rich and filling. But do pace yourself, because the desserts are delicious!

Wine offerings: RN74 showcases four weekly wine offerings; Magnum Mondays, where a special magnum will be opened and offered by the glass, Half Bottle Hump Day, offering half price bottles on Wednesdays, Unicorn Wines, rare and unique bottles by the glass, and Flying Blind, which will offer guided blind wine tastings. Our table had fun trying to guess the qualities of the wine, like jammy, fruity, green apple, leather. No one was able to match the right wine with the descriptions from the experts, but they had fun trying.

Parking: Street parking is available but they also have valet. 

Reservations: 301 Mission, Call 415-543-7474 

kevin mccullough