Roasting Chestnuts Over an Open Fire

Whenever I’d hear some crooner sing “Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire,” and there have been dozens from Bing to Buble and even Bieber.  I’ve thought, “Sweet but who does this?”  Well last year, while Tim Porter and I invaded the home of Robert and Diane Helstrom to photograph a somewhat staged, but genuinely fabulous holiday party – I was thrilled to not only witness this holiday myth but taste the glory that is a freshly roasted chestnut. Yum! Robert actually skipped the ‘open fire’  part and just roasted them on his open stove top. This in turn made the house smell divine, homey and celebratory. As I squished the buttery nut into my fingers then popped it into my mouth I thought about a world before packaged sweets where something like a roasted chestnut was delicacy.  It still is and I encourage you to try it this season. For the complete article click here. 

Best to eat right away – serve with a bit of salt.