The Tequila Trail

Well, well, well. Today is not only Friday — it’s also National Tequila Day. How convenient. In honor of this widely known spirit, and its less widely known national day of awareness, it feels appropriate to provide a COVID-updated tequila trail from southern to northern Marin County. Intrigued? Thought so. Drink responsibly, as always — you might want to enjoy the weekend, too.

Sausalito’s Copita (owned and operated by restaurant guru Larry Mindel with celebrity chef and cookbook author Joanne Weir) has one of the best margaritas in town served with a large block of ice, fresh lime juice and not much else besides good tequila.  All of their tequilas are 100% agave. Just down the street on Bridgeway going north, is Saylor’s where a “taste of Cabo in Marin” translates into over 200 tequilas and many takes on the margarita. This may be the largest collection of tequila in Marin; some shots are as much as $50 each. (Try not to do this at the end of your evening.)

Moving on to Mill Valley, there is the venerable Cantina, where they offer 112 tequilas (I counted) and one of the best margaritas in Marin, in my opinion. Since we’re in Mill Valley, it is (of course) called the “Organic Margarita”. (What isn’t organic in Mill Valley?) The Cantina margarita is made with Casa Noble tequila, fresh lime juice and organic agave syrup. 

Heading north, we come to the legendary Celia’s off of Francisco Blvd in San Rafael. What they lack in ambiance is made up for in value. They offer “Hora Feliz”  (happy hour) seven days a week, from 5-8 p.m. (patio only). These aren’t designer margaritas (they’re made with Jose Curevo Gold) but they are tasty. 

Finally, in Novato, there is the popular Las Guitarras. A family-run business that began in the San Francisco Mission District in 1973, with traditional recipes and plenty of margarita mixings.

Obviously there are many more sources for tequila in Marin, but there is no way you could drink all those margaritas, nor space to mention them all. Ten cuidado; pace yourself; and by all means do not drink and drive! Hasta luego.

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