3 Ways to Deal With Blue Light Eye Strain

Technology can help us in many ways but can also cause unexpected problems. These often manifest in our bodies and include everything from carpal tunnel to tech neck to dry eyes, a symptom of staring at screens. Blue light, known as HEV light, is emitted by the sun but also from smartphones, tablets and computer screens — and exposure to it contributes to digital eye strain (aka computer vision syndrome) and sleep disruption. Suffering either symptom? Here are some products that can help.



Mill Valley–based Caddis covers the lenses of all its glasses with an HEV-blocking coat. While blue-light-blocking glasses technically are recommended for wear at night, when your circadian rhythm is most affected, these “eye appliances” will keep you covered and stylish all day.



F.lux is a computer program that changes a display’s color temperature according to location and time of day, resulting in less stress on the eyes. The program was created to reduce eye strain during night use and to help prevent disrupted sleep.



These eye drops are formulated specifically to ease dryness, redness and irritation brought on by digital eye strain. Don’t be alarmed by the pink color — that’s from added vitamin B12, thought to help prevent blurred vision.