Be Kind to Your Mind Virtual Event: Mental Health in a Pandemic

Be Kind to Your Mind Virtual Event: Mental Health in a Pandemic, Chalk Drawing, Marin Magazine

Now more than ever it’s important that we take care of ourselves, and this means taking care of our mental health. For our latest webinar, we are excited to bring you an expert panel of mental health thought leaders who have stepped forward to openly share their personal stories, and dedicated professionals who bring awareness and treat those with mental differences.

Together we will look at how mental health care has changed during the pandemic, and offer tips and suggestions on what you can do to be kind to your mind in a world full of stressors. Join us for an interactive event with presentations from each speaker followed by a discussion and Q&A session, led by questions from you, our audience!

Our panelists include:


  • Susan Noyes, Founder and Publisher, Make It Better Media Group
  • Kristen Neff, Journalist and Guest Editor for Make It Better Media Group

To learn more about our panelists, read our recent article Be Kind to Your Mind: 10 Groups and Individuals Tear Down Mental Health Stigmas.

To watch this Virtual Event click here