Fit Bear Flag Fitness into Your Schedule: Boutique Studio Offers Only Local Rebounder Class and More

Bear Flag Fitness in Greenbrae is the very definition of boutique fitness, but just what is boutique fitness? Boutique fitness is designed with a distinct personality; the environment is intended to provide a highly specialized, targeted and unique fitness experience in an intimate setting. This includes personalization and specification throughout the class to create dynamic challenges and enhance the effectiveness of the exercises taught. Being independently owned by knowledgeable and skilled professionals, boutique fitness is client-centered; exercises are formatted to be successful and productive, and the classes are engaging, fun and motivating.

Bear Flag Fitness offers three class types: boot camp, bounce and barre. Each class is intentionally designed to offer its own targeted benefits while complementing one another.

Bear Flag emphasizes variability, supporting a consistent and regular exercise routine. Research has shown that variability and variety increase adherence and motivation and reduces plateau. Bear Flag Fitness Co-Founder Cassie Merrier is a Doctor of Physical Therapy. Merrier passionately believes in her profession and assesses the effectiveness and soundness of each exercise and movement to ensure a smartly driven experience.

One of Bear Flag’s hallmarks is Bear Flag Bounce — the only rebounder class in the Marin and Bay areas. The high-intensity, low-impact interval class utilizes rebounding: the act of pushing down into the bounce mat vs. jumping up away from the ground or a surface. The flexibility of the rebounder mat lessens the impact forces on joints without sacrificing the work of your muscles.

“In BF Bounce, we take advantage of the heat created by your muscles and increased elasticity of tissues and complement it with mobility-strength training; this is multiplanar training by taking your joints through a multidirectional range of motion, including rotation,” Merrier says. “Think specific, deliberate and fluid.”

Rebounding also supports improved lymphatic flow, coordination and enhanced motor skills, improved balance, and a boost of endorphins for a great mental release. Bonus: Rebounding is great for your pelvic floor; each time you push down, you instinctively pull up your body, including your pelvic floor!

Ready to bounce over to Bear Flag? Check out Bear Flag’s class schedule and feel the difference for yourself.