Get Covered, San Rafael

On March 23, 2010, President Obama signed the Affordable Healthcare Act into law. Two years ago, Dawn Margolis Denberg checked in on the progress of the groundbreaking legislature –– this, of course, was during the dark times of embarrassingly unreliable website and plenty of questions about coverage. Today, while not perfect, Obamacare has worked through a number of its growing pains, and people are more educated about the scope of the act. However, with impending penalties for lack of coverage at the end of January, one community in Marin has the unfortunate designation for having the highest percentage of uninsured among those eligible for Covered California in the Bay Area. 7.4% of residents in San Rafael‘s Canal District who are eligible for Covered California are without insurance. Are you among the insured? To avoid charges next month, here are a few resources.


Marin HHS

Marin Community Clinic

Covered California