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Wellness Profiles

Marin is one of the healthiest places to live in the country — thanks to the talented health and wellness pros featured below. Enjoy our list of esteemed partners who all enjoy thriving businesses aimed at keeping their clients looking and feeling their best.

Sarvenaz Zand MD, Pictured With Actress Naomi Watts

Zand Dermatology

Sarvenaz Zand MD, pictured with actress Naomi Watts

Conservative. Scientific. Beautiful. Loving. Zand Dermatology is Marin’s leading boutique dermatology practice, specializing in aesthetic, holistic, and medical dermatology. We excel in treating skin cancer, acne, rashes, and performing cosmetic procedures like fillers, liquid facelifts, Botox, Xeomin, Daxxify, Ultherapy, and lasers. With degrees from Harvard, MIT, Johns Hopkins, and Vanderbilt, we are natural educators who love to listen to our patients’ concerns and explain all treatment options in depth. Dr. Zand’s team believes in a ‘less is more’ approach to facial beauty, achieving natural age-appropriate results without an overdone appearance. Our patients comment that our loving providers treat them like family, with honest impactful advice on maximizing beauty through nutrition, hormones, fitness, self-care, and purposeful living.

Actress Naomi Watts chose our own Dr. Zand as Dermatologist Advisor for her beauty and wellness brand, Stripes. Naomi and Dr. Zand are on a mission to empower and educate women transitioning through menopause to reclaim their beauty and best skin health. Explore Dr. Zand’s 2023 articles in Forbes, Washington Post, Glamour, Elle, and Women’s Health, and see why our team has earned over 600 five-star reviews! Thank you for awarding us “Best Cosmetic Dermatologist” in 2022!

655 Redwood Highway Frontage Rd, Suite 246, Mill Valley, 415.301.5000

Shirley Wantland, Founder + Principal

Recovery Consultants

Shirley Wantland, Recovery Consultants

Founder of Recovery Consultants, a bespoke consulting company set out to disrupt the status quo of addiction treatment. Pushing up against standard, one size fits all treatment models—Recovery Consultants provides people individualized recovery, transformed and personalized for them. They know that no one path to recovery looks the same, so why do so many recovery programs?

Shirley has been described by friends as “a scientist and a truck driver, trapped inside the body of a princess.” As someone who doesn’t fit in any one box, she is skilled in coaching people through their perceived limitations that are blocking them from living the life they desire. She helps people chart their own path with unique and innovative treatment recommendations. She feels fortunate to call Mill Valley home, and is often seen hiking Blithedale Canyon as part of her practice of presence and shinrin-yoku (Japanese meaning forest bathing)—to prepare for the day’s adventures. She shares the splendors of Marin with her husband, two daughters, and dog Mochi.

3020 Bridgeway, #165, Sausalito, 415.306.7092

Vivalon: Your Community for Healthy Aging


Vivalon, Your Community for Healthy Aging

Vivalon is a nonprofit that has been enhancing the lives of older adults and people with disabilities in Marin County for 70 years, offering essential services like home-delivered meals, social activities, educational programs, and transportation. Its programs are aimed at supporting and improving the aging experience by addressing key social determinants of health.

This year, its new Healthy Aging Campus opened and is a visionary project for all of Marin County. The six-story complex in downtown San Rafael integrates a health clinic, community center, café, tech center, classrooms, and affordable housing under one roof, fostering social connections and holistic well-being.

Visit the campus today and find your path to healthy aging with digital literacy training, falls prevention workshops, nutrition education, lifelong learning, and so much more.

999 Third Street, San Rafael, 415.456.9062

Chris Catalano, DDS

Chris Catalano, DDS

Chris Catalano

Experience the artistry of Dr. Chris Catalano DDS, Marin cosmetic dentist. With over 25 years of teaching
in cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Catalano brings a depth of expertise and innovation to every smile transformation. His passion for precision and commitment to excellence, honed through years of shaping the next generation of dental professionals, ensures each patient receives personalized care tailored to their unique needs.

From teeth whitening to complete smile makeovers, Dr. Catalano’s commitment to blending science and aesthetics delivers stunning results. Trust in his global expertise and hometown dedication to elevate your confidence and transform your smile. Schedule your consultation today and discover the Catalano difference.

810 College Ave, Suite 12, Kentfield, 415.456.9193

Naturopathic Wellness Services To Energize, Enhance, And Nourish Your Life!

B12 Love

B12 Shot

Discover Wellness at B12 LOVE. Experience a unique approach to wellness at B12 LOVE, your exclusive provider of Marin County Nutrient IV Drip and Injection Services, LeanLOVE Semaglutide Weight Loss Program, Microneedling/PRP, Naturopathic Wellness, and Longevity services. As a woman-owned business deeply rooted in Marin, we are committed to delivering the highest standard of wellness from our easily accessible Mill Valley and Novato locations. Unleash the power of our meticulously designed Nutrient IV Drips and Injections, meticulously crafted to boost energy, enhance immunity, and foster overall well-being. Whether seeking to recover from a demanding week, gear up for a significant event, or simply maintain peak health, our personalized treatments deliver the vital vitamins and nutrients your body craves. Our licensed, professional, and friendly team ensures a comfortable and rejuvenating experience, helping you easily achieve your wellness goals.

Join the B12 LOVE client family and discover why we’re Marin’s trusted choice for vibrant health and vitality. Visit us in Mill Valley or Novato today and start your journey to feeling your best! B12 LOVE – Family-Owned, Marin Proud.

New to B12 LOVE? Take $10 off your first visit with code FIRSTLOVE10.

37 Miller Avenue, Mill Valley, 415.569.2099

Christina Garcia, Linda Kranzke, Timothy M. Rankin, MD, FACS Sirena Larance, Daniella Dane

NorCal Plastic Surgery

NorCal Plastic Surgery Staff

Dr. Timothy Rankin MD, FACS is a Board-Certified plastic surgeon specializing in facial rejuvenation, rhinoplasty, post-partum rejuvenation (Mommy Makeover). NorCal Plastic Surgery was founded with the mission to improve the quality of life of its patients. Dr. Rankin trained at Vanderbilt University, one of the leading plastic surgery training programs in the country. He is an established author and has written extensively on safety in aesthetic surgery. While he is an expert in aesthetic surgery, not every patient requires surgery. It is this emphasis on a holistic approach to patient care that maximizes patient satisfaction.

NorCal 360© was created to help people manage the aging process to whatever degree that allows them to resolve the discord between how they feel (energetic, driven, outgoing), and how they look during a zoom call. Everyone has goals but many times, patients are frustrated with the lack of focus or direction and they are left feeling lost in aesthetic medicine. The NorCal team will create a realistic plan that draws upon the three pillars of the practice, surgical, non-surgical and wellness, to create lasting change.

Life is short. Achieve your goals.

575 Sir Francis Drake Blvd, #2, Greenbrae, 415.727.9666

Age Extraordinarily

Seniors At Home

Seniors at Home

Aging can be extraordinary when you have the right support. And caregivers like Jane are one of the many reasons why we’re the Bay Area’s leading expert in senior care. From home care and personal assistants to specialized dementia care, Seniors At Home provides personalized support to help you age with dignity and independence. Find out why thousands of Bay Area families trust us to care for their loved ones in the comfort of their homes.

San Rafael, CA, 415.449.3700

You. Optimized.

Jyzen: Brain, Body, Biology

Jyzen World Class Lounge with Stunning Views

Are you looking to unlock your peak vitality? Our World Class IV Lounge with stunning views and private pods, offers the fastest, most efficient way to deliver medical-grade supplements and vitamins to your body for rapid recovery and better health outcomes. Our medical specialists ensure expert care in a luxurious setting, making Jyzen the ultimate destination for restoring health and vitality. Our IV menu includes options for everyone, from quick, no-consultation-needed IVs to specialized treatments requiring a consultation.

Visit Jyzen’s IV Lounge and enjoy:

  • Advanced IV Therapy: Hydration, B12, Glutathione, NAD+, customized IVs, and more.
  • Specialized Peptides: Weight loss and increased energy levels.
  • Optimal Health: Enhance detoxification, improve cell membrane integrity, and support neurological health.
  • Medically Guided Programs: Diagnostically based and tailored treatments for Lyme disease, mold exposure, allergies, immune system support and more.

Call our Health Concierge to book your appointment or consult and visit our website to explore our full IV menu offerings.

100 Shoreline Highway, Suite 210A, Mill Valley, 415.729.0449