The High Life: Tinctures, Edibles and Other Must-Have Items

Looking for some unique items to add to your cannabis repertoire? We’ve got you covered. But before that, here are a couple factoids related to all things cannabis.

Grass > Booze

Daily marijuana users now outnumber daily drinkers for the first time ever, according to a new report from researchers at Carnegie Mellon University. Of people aged 18 to 24, 69% prefer marijuana to alcohol, according to a 2022 survey by New Frontier Data, a cannabis research firm.

Swole Stoners

A report published in the journal Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research on how recent cannabis use affects physical activity found that it was associated with a “marginal increase” in light exercise.

Gummies, Gifts, Grinders and More

Blazy Susan Grateful Dead Grinder, $35

Blazy Susan Grinder

This four-piece grinder is made of aircraft-grade aluminum, has three chambers, is easy to clean and is now available in four Grateful Dead designs. Available for delivery via Urbana.

OM Just Peachy Bath Bomb, $25

OM Just Peachy Bath Bomb

Bring the sweet smells of summer to your bath with this relaxing bath bomb that’s made with a full-spectrum cannabis concentrate, natural fragrances and essential oils. Available for delivery via Sunset Pipeline.

Edie Parker Jelly Tabletop lighter, $195

Edie Parker Jelly Tabletop Lighter

Talk about a showstopper! Impress guests with this resin jelly mold, featuring suspended fruits that encases a chrome torch lighter insert. Bonus: the built-in ashtray that is heat-resistant. Available online at Edie Parker.

Kikoko Chamomile Rose Night Tincture, $58

Kikoko Night Tincture

Fall asleep faster and wake without the groggy hangover thanks to this tincture, one of the only ones with a high level of CBN and no icky aftertaste. Available for delivery via

Good Tide Pineapple Solvent-less Gummies, $21

Good Tide Gummies

There aren’t enough good things to say about Good Tide gummies. If you’re seeking an uplifting high that gently washes you — you might forget you took anything — look no further. Available for pickup or delivery via Nice Guys Delivery.

Weed: Smoke It, Eat It, Grow It, Love It, $14.99

Want to know everything there is to know about weed? In this fun and colorful guide to all things cannabis-related, High Times editor and author Ellen Holland takes you on a journey into the heart of how cannabis is farmed, produced, and appreciated. You’ll also find helpful buying and tasting tips to find the perfect puff, get a more in-depth to understanding of cannabis cultivars and their flavors, learn about the farmers and producers behind today’s cannabis market and delve into the science behind the high.

Kasia Pawlowska

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