Back to School in Style

Whether you’re revamping a home office or setting up a solution to back-to- school homework woes, the ideal desk offers just the right mix of functional space and storage for all that collateral.

1. Bookcase  This bookcase camouflages space for a laptop behind a flip-down door and houses a lateral file cabinet below. When all parts are closed, the secretary has two shelves and two closed compartments. $999 at West Elm (Corte Madera). 415.927.0202,

2. Basis Desk  The Basis wood desk has a pull-out work surface to turn the piece into a console table. The deep drawer can even store a laptop. $1,099 at Room and Board (SF). 415.252.9280,

3. Swoop Desk  Two white scooped drawers clear worktop clutter plus the three cord cutouts route laptop and electronic plug-ins for a clean look. $299 at CB2 (San Francisco). 415.834.9370,

4. Polo Desk  Simple, clean lines, with two file drawers and pull-out keyboard space and side storage shelves, make this well-priced desk ideal for design on a budget. $295 at Scandinavian Designs (San Rafael). 415.457.5500,

RSI Prevention

Sure, proper ergonomic design is one of the keys to preventing repetitive strain injuries (RSI), but to ensure your workspace is in top form it might be time to turn to a professional. Dr. Jon Kakleas of the Chiropractic and Physical Therapy Center of Marin provides in-office and home ergonomic workstation evaluations. He says four important points to consider when setting up your office are to make sure your computer screen is at eye level, have your feet flat on the floor while working, keep your wrists straight and horizontal to the work surface as you type and sit back in your chair with your low back well supported in its natural curve. (San Rafael). 415.499.8469,

Sausalito’s Remedy Interactive provides software solutions that help businesses and individuals prevent workplace injuries including RSI. The company’s desktop ergonomic software for individuals, RSIGuard, follows the user’s computer usage patterns and suggests safer modifications, features awareness reminders to keep users conscious of correct body and work patterns while at the computer and rest reminders and video stretches that are shown during breaks. Remedy Interactive (Sausalito). 415.332.6433,