Bathtubs Make a Splash

1. Inspired by the Ofuro tubs of Japan, the Julien Soaking Tub by Troy Adams Design is a combination of natural wood and stainless steel with a modern twist. The deep-set design allows for full-body immersion. $18,425.50 at DJ Mehler (SF). 415.864.0850,

2. Neptune’s most recent offering is the Wind, a 60” x 36” x 20” corner tub, which can accommodate up to two people and can be equipped with whirlpool capability. $2,100 at Premier Bath & Kitchen (Santa Rosa). 707.545.7191

3. Neptune’s Agata two-person tub could double as a minimalist platform bed—and even includes built-in pillows. Colors include biscuit, bone, sterling silver and white. Chromatherapy and an iPod docking station are optional.$3,365 at Bath & Beyond (SF). 415.552.5001,






Two Cents on Tubs

Sarah Evers Hoffman, a Marin-based home designer, shares her thoughts on choosing a bathtub.

Is there a danger of choosing a trendy tub? Choosing a trendy tub can be risky because once a bathtub is installed it is generally in place for decades. Removing a tub that was “in” and is now “out” can be an expensive project due to the size of a tub and because it is usually surrounded by tile or stone, which would need to be removed. It is best to choose a tub that will be visually pleasing and practical for years to come.

Acrylic or iron cast? I prefer the classic look of a cast-iron tub but my preference has more practical reasons also. Cast iron is more scratch resistant and quieter than its acrylic counterpart; it also holds the heat better during a long soak. There is, however, a wider selection of large tubs and tubs with jets made of acrylic as it is a much lighter material. Castiron tubs require more floor support, which a contractor needs to adjust for in the installation process.

Jets, are they worth it? Fewer people in Marin choose a tub with jets because many have and use a hot tub all year round. Sanitation in jetted bathtubs that use water for the pressure is a real issue. Because water remains in the pipes after the tub is emptied, the recommendation is to clean the system twice a month. Tubs that use air to circulate the water have a feature that dries the pipes after each use and so provide a lower-maintenance option.