Creating the Perfect Master Bath

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For many, the master bathroom is the place where the craziness of life is bookended with moments of calm and rejuvenation. Whether it’s preparing for the day with all essentials in reach and plentiful lighting bathing the room, or winding the day with a relaxing soak in a tub, thoughtful design that brings together function, form and a little fun is key in creating the perfect master bath.


#1 – Set your design goals

From an ultra-modern, minimalist look to decadent, art deco themes, the diversity of today’s bathroom design can be overwhelming for many new project-goers. Taking the time up front to clarify what YOU desire and need out of your bathroom – from style to function – will enable you to make ideal choices in creating your dream space. 

I always ask my clients to think about their everyday needs and prioritize what’s most important. 

1. How will you use the space? To rush out the door in the morning? Relax in the evening? 

2. Who will be using the space? Do you and your partner desire separate spaces for everyday routines, or are you happy to share a communal space? 

3. Finally, what is the desired mood you want the room to evoke? Do you envision a light-filled space to jumpstart the day, or a dark, moody environment to wind down the evening? 

By simply answering these three questions, my clients – and now you – can easily approach your project from a thoughtful perspective and achieve amazing results! 



#2 – Create a winning design scheme

Now that your goals are set, use them as pillars as you shape the look and feel of the space. Choose a color palette, mix of materials and finishes that contribute to the mood you defined earlier. 

  • Color – Color choice sets the tone of the space. First, the amount of natural light is a deciding factor in paint schemes. Soft whites and warm greys work well for a serene bathroom setting. Through depth of color, a neutral palette stays interesting. 
  • Stone – Possibly the most costly item in the space – so take your time and choose wisely! I love spending time at stone yards envisioning various schemes for my clients, so I can bring them the most stunning options. Often times a slab’s veining, dramatic or subtle, speaks to a client’s design goals. 
  • Fixtures & Softgoods – Here’s where you can really turn up the wow factor. Juxtaposing rustic-looking metals with dazzling crystal sconces, or elegantly simple stone with gorgeous silk window coverings, creates complexity and drama.


#3 – Accessorize with your personality in mind

While the first two steps were about creating a space with function and form, step 3 is about having some fun and making the space truly yours! Whether it’s a statement-making rug, such as a vintage Oushak from a recent trip abroad, or choosing towels with traditional script monogram that reminds you of your childhood home on the east coast, these finishing touches are all about YOU. And while it feels good to finish a room in its entirety, I encourage clients to continue the editing process. A meaningful piece of art or petite etagere may find a place in the bathroom years down the road, further adding to the collected look of my clients’ homes.





You did it! Congratulations! Enjoy this gorgeous space for many years to come.

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