The Design and Build Process is Great – When You Have a Trusted and Skilled Partner Like Bayon Design Studio Inc.

“Ultimately, my design goal is to make the client happy, not my ego.”

Cindy Bayon of Bayon Design Studio Inc. has a modern approach to the home design process.  Design is her passion, but construction and project management are in her blood.

Everyone wants their designer to be able to exceed their artistic vision and expectations. But, what makes me unique is that my father is a builder so I grew up experiencing construction first hand.  Additionally, I spent 14 years running a design-build division for a luxury general contractor in San Francisco before starting Bayon Design Studio Inc. five years ago.

Initially, most homeowners want to work with me because they love the pictures of my completed projects.  And when the time comes to begin the construction process of design & project management my clients start to realize how valuable my  real world construction management is for them.

Cindy Bayon Home design

Cindy Bayon,  BFA Interior Architecture+Design [Academy of Art], Certified Kitchen bath designer [NKBA], Construction Project Management [UC Davis]

Large projects can require multiple consultants from art to lighting to landscaping, which Cindy routinely coordinates, collaborates with, and manages.  No matter the overall size of the project, our busiest clients want Bayon Design Studio to bring aboard a team of qualified experts in the areas of landscaping, architecture, general contractors, custom cabinet, & furniture makers to help deliver the project in the most efficient timeline possible. 

Bayon Home designing

Planning a fully designed home means the first step is to set a realistic budget in all categories and detail levels. Bringing Cindy into that early part of the process is critical for preparation. Cindy can use her experience to help illuminate the more important details and how cost should be calibrated in order to ensure accuracy in the bids from the general contractors bids, which gets you closer to the true overall costs of your project.

Before you think about furniture and colors, your focus should be on the function and flow of the home, for items such as locations of walls, doors, stairs and lother major rooms like the kitchen. A detailed drawing set of the home layout will contribute to the success of the interior design and lead to a more efficient construction process.

Bayon home designing, glass staircase

bayon home designing, open concept, living room

When it comes to furnishings, my belief has always been that less is more. I prefer unique, custom, high quality pieces that stand alone and allow the clients to feel the presence of the space. But, as a designer to so many of the most unique and creative individuals I have ever met, I am careful to incorporate the clients desires with regards to furniture and furnishings. Ultimately, my goal is to satisfy my clients needs while also providing them their version of the beautiful spaces that spoke to them in my portfolio.

Bayon home design, kitchen, chandelier, open shelving

bayon home design, bedroom, neutral tones

Bayon home design, dining room, black chairs