Pillow Power

1. Silkscreened sepia image pillows by Michelle Pattee and Jill McCrae’s new Archival Decor, starting at $250 at Summer House (Mill Valley). 415.381.1345 

2. Coral pillow by Krimsa, $100 at Krimsa (SF). 415.441.4321, krimsa.com 

3. Cassada Jet pillow, $113 at Sunrise Home (San Rafael). 415.456.3939 

4. Bliss pillow, available at Cabana Home (Mill Valley). 415.383.0201, cabanahome.com

Tips from a Marin designer

How to accent with pillows

“Pillows are the ultimate accessory,” says Marin designer Linda Applewhite. Pillows help “to create the look and feel that you want to convey in a room.” Applewhite says solid-color pillows without trim or ornamentation are appropriate in a sleek, contemporary room, while a room designed with pattern and color can use a pillow layered with multiple fabrics and trims to complement the room’s decor.

“I believe that good design repeats itself and pillows offer a wonderful opportunity to tie a room together by repeating colors, shapes, and even textures that exist in a room’s general decor,” says Applewhite. “They can be used to add another layer of visual interest, accent a piece of artwork, or ground a colorful palette.”

The designer, who has more than 20 years’ experience, says pillows are also a great resource to enhance a room’s color palette. She suggests using a simple color wheel to choose colors that will contrast and complement the palette.

For a simple update, Applewhite says, adding pillows is the easiest way to create a fresh feeling. “You can take a room from winter to spring just by changing the pillows. And if there are no funds in your budget, try moving your pillows around between different rooms in your home. You may be surprised at what playing with pillows can do.”