Why Are Homeowners Choosing Tahoe Beach Club as Their Primary Residence?

Tahoe Beach Club

It’s happening all over the country. Americans are moving to more remote locations due to the flexible work from home lifestyle that the Covid-19 pandemic has ushered in, market researcher The NPD Group said in a recent blog post. Nearly 20% of people in the country are working from home full time as of December and 28% of Americans have considered relocating during the pandemic, NPD said. 

tahoe beach club

As people get more comfortable with the ability to work from anywhere, they are realizing that they don’t have to be pinned down to a certain location near an office in order to provide for themselves or their families. This gives them the ability to choose the location that offers the greatest quality of like for their families. And for a growing number of homeowners, that choice is Tahoe Beach Club.

Ryan and Brianne Grant chose to live here with their two small children because, as Ryan put it, “It’s just a dream place to live. We have the beach right out the door, we have the Beach Club, we have the Kid’s Zone and great restaurants.” Brianne agreed, adding, “At the end of the day, we can head down to the beach, the kids get to play, we can order food from the airstream… and everybody sleeps really well.”

tahoe mountain skyline

Greg and Cheryl Williams are now retired and were happy to live at Tahoe Beach Club throughout the pandemic, calling it “the best bubble in the world.” The are also happy when they can share this lifestyle with their children and grandchildren, noting “when the kids first saw this place, they demanded that we never sell it.” Adding “It’s a legacy investment that’s included in our family trust.”

For some, Tahoe is a great place to escape. For others who discover the lifestyle and the many benefits of ownership at Tahoe Beach Club, they can think of nothing better than to make this destination the place they call home.

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