Letters to the Editor

I just finished reading my new favorite magazine: Marin At Home [now called SPACES]. I wish it came every month. Congratulations.
– Delanie Read, via email

Hurray for the barn house (“The Barn & Beyond”) — love the Swiss Army Knife metaphor. This innovative design that enhances its special setting is compellingly photographed and deftly described. Bravo Ross, Joe and Zahid.
– Dan Gregory, Hanley Wood LLC, San Francisco

I loved getting a look at Marin At Home; I want the A-frame house on the beach (“A-Game in Muir Beach”) — can that be arranged? A few thoughts: Marin might seem too limited a territory for a whole magazine, month after month, but Marin’s landscapes are so varied, with so many micro-ecosystems for houses to respond to and fit into, that for me, at least, that becomes sort of the subtext of the magazine. One suggestion, if you don’t mind, which has to do with a pet peeve of mine — if at all feasible, don’t stuff pages and pages of advertising between the cover and contents page. When you open a magazine, the first thing you want to see is the table of contents, not a lot of ads. I know almost every magazine does this now; some of them force you to wade through dozens of pages of ads before you get to any editorial content. This is highly frustrating for the reader.
– Mark Roller, San Francisco

Congratulations on yet another fabulous Marin At Home issue — wow! I’ve only lived in Marin for six years and I am so thrilled to see that so many people and businesses I know well are featured or have small mentions. Very, very cool.
– Kimberly Veley, via email

Today I discovered Marin At Home — Smoke Signals on Polk carries it. I’m smitten. After reading it cover to cover I felt it outperformed all those other design magazines I’ve been purchasing. Bravo. Super article on architect John Maniscalco’s “Family Dream House.” John is my son Phillip’s neighbor, such a talent and the nicest fellow. Great writing, photographs and design.
– Helen Hilton Raiser, San Francisco

So happy to see what came in the mail today. Totally surprised, and really can’t thank you enough — a full page is pretty damn hard to come by (Gallery) these days, so I really appreciate it. The magazine looks amazing. Content is great, photos are really killer, all really great projects in there.
– Eddy Sykes, Los Angeles

I wanted to write and congratulate you on a beautiful Marin At Home. It is such a pleasure to see an issue with so many interesting and beautifully designed spaces, and especially outstanding from a local pub versus a national brand.
– Gloria Marth, via email

I just finished reading the latest issue of Marin At Home and really enjoyed it. As a longtime subscriber to Architectural Digest, I find your magazine to be even more to my liking since it covers local homes (I’m a native Marinite).
– Karen Hawkins, Corte Madera

Thank you so much for including my book in the Design Spot section. It was a great pleasure turning pages of Marin At Home. In my humble opinion your magazine is the best on the West Coast, highlighting an excellent selection of beautifully designed homes. Your editors have impeccable taste.
– Floriana Petersen, San Francisco

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