>> West Marin fan

My husband and I just returned from spending two nights at Dancing Coyote Beach in Inverness. What a delight to then read Marin Magazine’s POV (April issue) about taking a vacation in West Marin. If you stay at Dancing Coyote Beach, you and the tides of Tomales Bay are one. It is rustic, but well worth it for the view and closeness to the water. We have traveled the world over and found ourselves driving home from Inverness appreciating what is right here, in our own backyard. As for traveling, nothing more is needed when one lives here. What a blessing is West Marin.

Cathy Edgett, Mill Valley

>>  Impossible commute

Marin Magazine’s conversation with Susan Kennedy, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s chief of staff, was indeed interesting. However, there’s a discrepancy: Ms. Kennedy cannot leave Fairfax at 7:15 a.m., as she claims to, and be in Sacramento 90 minutes later. That is, unless she drives 100-plus mph on the I-80 freeway to make up for the Fairfax-to-101 morning crush! Try it someday.

Paul Dobson, Fairfax

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