Readers Respond

After enjoying the words, great photography, and stunning advertisments on more than 150 pages of the December issue of Marin Magazine, what a delightful surprise to see the smiling face of one of our favorite people, Jan Wahl, opposite the back cover. How interesting! How delightful! We do have some remarkable people in Marin County, and a stunning magazine to go along with it!
Wes Starratt, San Rafael

Enjoyed Tim Porter’s “Marin, Step by Step” piece in the December issue enormously. Coincidentally, I’m just now finishing Dorothy Gibson’s [Exploring Sausalito’s Paths and Walkways] seven-week tour of Sausalito, week by week. She is a genuine local treasure. I must, however, take exception to Tim’s perspective that “Marin’s stairways take you places—but slowly.” Once you’re committed to walking, they can be the royal shortcuts.Through Dorothy’s pathfinder-like guidance, I have cut substantial (one-third) travel time off from the Wolfback Ridge area to say, the post office, by finding those elusive, but so pertinent, hypotenuses of the triangles down. Having more and faster ways by foot—escape routes, if you will—compliments of Get Ready Marin. Please do continue articles about this facet of Marin life.
Bill Hale, Sausalito

I just ran across the “Yes” subcription continuation request card from an earlier magazine. Of course I marked “yes.” I just needed to tell you that I look forward to each month’s Marin Magazine. I love it! I am always quoting or sharing information from an article that I have read. Your format and imaging are beautiful. Keep up the good work—it is truly appreciated. What a gift. Thank you, thank you.
Gerrie Young, via e-mail

Regarding Jim Wood’s recent POV column on the shaky health of downtown businesses in Marin: I have been a Mill Valley resident since 1982. When I moved here our “downtown” had a number of retail stores, which met many of the needs of us residents. But for the past several years most of the downtown stores have been very pricey and simply don’t sell the kinds of everyday products residents need. Where is the hardware store? Where is the variety store? Where is the barber shop? Where in downtown Mill Valley can one go to buy a lightbulb or a can opener or a pair of jeans for under $100? Why indeed would I venture north to Vintage Oaks? The fact is, the downtown Mill Valley retail scene is dominated by overpriced boutiques selling a lot of stuff nobody needs. Give us stores that carry products we need!
Mary Campbell, Mill Valley

About buying local. I live in Mill Valley and I would love to buy local. I have two small children and it would make life so much easier if I could just go down to the square and do all my shopping, but it’s just impossible. Like many people in Marin, I care about what we eat. I am all about slow foods—organic and local. There is no place (except Whole Foods) where I can find this. So why don’t we have a bakery, a butcher, a fish store and a “local product” grocery store downtown? I am ready to pay a premium if I can find it all within walking distance. When it comes to a record shop and a dive bar, it’s sad to see them go, but it’s part of evolution and right now families dominate life in Mill Valley. Perhaps we could transform the former Sweet Water into a kid-friendly place during the day. I bet it would be profitable.
Claudine Descheemaecker, Mill Valley

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