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Another great cover (March ’08, pictured at right), except it appears the photo was taken looking toward San Francisco. Don’t get me wrong; we’re very lucky to have such a great, worldly city so near. Although given the name of your magazine, (and its very loyal readers), wouldn’t it have been more appropriate to have the photo looking toward that other county, at the north end of the bridge?
Neil Vickers, Sausalito

Always exciting when the latest issue of Marin Magazine arrives. I wanted to tell you that I really enjoyed P. J. Bremier’s story about designer Linda Applewhite. I have been a fan of Linda’s color palette and design flair for about 10 years and purchased her recent book, so I was very excited to see the story about her and her two homes. Congrats on another extra-extraordinary issue.
Kim Taylor, via e-mail

A friend sent me the very interesting article “Another Trek in the Wall” from your January issue. I hope that Vassi Koutsaftis is a regular contributing writer. The article and photos accurately capture all that is unpredictable and irresistible about adventure travel in Asia.
Mary Richter, via e-mail

That was a fine piece Jim Wood wrote in your February issue (POV, “Marin Up Close”). However, it would have been interesting to look even closer by going to to get a list of all Marin’s elected officials. At all the different levels, I’d guess there must be nearly 200. Most don’t end up facing reelection challenges as filings against incumbents rarely occur. The level of apathy is huge and most elected bodies never have anyone coming to their meetings to discuss the issues of the day. As for appointed advisory bodies, such as planning and park commissions, these usually serve as not much more than breeding grounds for folks wanting to run for elective office. Unfortunately, there are few leadership-training opportunities in Marin County. However, the Environmental Forum of Marin is trying to confront that deficiency with their worthwhile work. This would be an excellent way for local community foundations to share resources and develop a training program that not only brings leaders together, but also educates them on the issues they’ll be facing. I am on the advisory panel for the county’s effort to secure renewable power, the Community Choice Aggregate, and find it one of the most interesting and rewarding things I have ever done. Marin is a talent rich county and I have always thought it such a waste that this talent isn’t being used to solve problems and build consensus. Keep up your good work.
Jon Elam, via e-mail

Correction: In FYI People, Vino Veritas (March) regarding Julia Siler’s book House of Mondavi, we reported it had sold 100,000 books. At this time the book is in it’s eighth printing and has sold just over 57,000 copies. She formally interviewed Robert Mondavi once for the book and spoke with him briefly on several other occasions.

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