Readers Respond

>> Wish you were here

In response to Tim Porter’s article “Wish You Were Here,” in the August issue: Viva les Tourists! I embrace them and welcome them. I behave like one of them. I moved to Sausalito because of the many languages spoken along Bridgeway and of course because of its natural beauty, culture and shopping. Like our tourists, I don’t take Marin for granted and appreciate it as if seeing it for the first time. When I am in a tourist-fueled traffic jam I keep in mind there are traffic jams in undesirable places too. It might help to recall Tim Porter’s article with research pointing out revenue provided by tourism can supply 100 percent of Marin’s budget plus a cool $220 million extra per year above and beyond that. If nothing else, those figures should motivate the most reluctant Marinites to open their hearts and share our area with tourists.
Jolene Tompkins, Sausalito

>> Second home backlash

I didn’t realize that the perennial second-home dilemma was such a problem for residents of Marin. I read in the newspapers almost every day about foreclosures and people losing their homes. I found the article inappropriate and insensitive considering what is going on in the housing market today. Granted, Marin, for the most part, is a wealthy community, but the majority of people here cannot afford a second or third home. Articles such as this one perpetuate the image of Marin as a place for only the very affluent.
Joan Prime, Mill Valley

>> Entertaining guests

Regarding Jim Wood’s August POV: thank you for the great column (actually a bunch of great columns) regarding things to do in Marin.  I wanted to weigh in here and add something that we do with the many, many visitors we receive—and they all love it! We hop in the car and drive over to Drakes Bay and get fresh oysters, then hit the beach with barbecue and cooler in tow. We set up a camping table, some chairs and our mini iPod stereo system, then crack open the wine and start shucking! We also grill a bunch of oysters and flavor them with lime, lemon, hot sauce, cilantro, and onions and have a ball! We’ve done this with people of all ages, and they love it!
Deb Neely, Mill Valley

>> Audubon Canyon Ranch kudos

Jim Wood’s excellent article in the August issue describing Audubon Canyon Ranch conveyed its beauty and the treasure we have in Marin—and is an excellent segue for me to mention the education component of the ranch. A vital part of ACR is its mission to communicate a knowledge and appreciation of nature to schoolchildren. Throughout the school year docents lead small groups of fourth and fifth grade students on a three-hour exploration of the newts, redwoods, spiders and birds that thrive there. This year 1,663 students from 43 Bay Area schools visited the ranch. Docent training is an opportunity for anyone who enjoys the outdoors and the pleasure of sharing it with children. For more information please call the ranch at 415. 868.9244.
Jeanette Carr, Belvedere

It was great to see the article on Audubon Canyon Ranch in the August issue. It looks terrific! Credit for the stunning photo of the nesting egret in the article goes to Wyn Hoag.
Paula Maxfield, Audubon Canyon Ranch

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