Readers Respond

Correction: In Local Gifts (February 2007 issue), the Archie Held fountain donated to honor Dedication to Special Education was incorrectly identified as residing at Town Center. The location of the sculpture is the Village at Corte Madera. We regret any confusion this has caused.

Thanks for Jim Wood’s Point of View editorial about Marin’s crazy local government structure (“Making Marin More Efficient,” March, 2007). I could write a book on the lack of leadership, poor decision making and hidden agenda’s that surface whenever consolidation of services is considered. As a 50-year resident, 30-year firefighter and 25-year Marin homeowner, the craziness only continues. The duplication of services is staggering. Ross Valley has five fire agencies, nine stations, over 14 people at “Chief Officers” rank, and five different organizational structures. I know we could be offering better service if the kingdoms were merged. Yet consolidation talks have dragged on for over three years. Thanks for your
editorial, keep up the good journalism.
—Jim Clark, Larkspur

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