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>> Four recycling commandments

I enjoyed Jim Wood’s Point of View on trash and recycling (August). I am a conscientious person who does her best to remember to take reusable shopping bags into the market and recycles everything I possibly can. I appreciated Wood’s Four Commandments regarding recycling because he made clear what to do and what not to do. I’ve printed them out (on twice-recycled paper) and posted them above our office printer for my co-workers to read.
Deirdre Clark, via e-mail
I appreciated the article “Marin’s Trash Crunch” and agree that Marin can do more. After moving from San Francisco to Corte Madera, I’ve been shocked that there is no concerted effort to compost in Marin. I am not sure if residents may be opposed to composting because they are frightened of “stinky food” in a bin. But maybe they should consider adding this to an environmental-minded lifestyle that includes driving a Prius and using reusable bags when shopping. Again, thanks for the article and I hope that the Four Commandments regarding recycling are taken to heart by Marin residents.
Michelle, Corte Madera

>> Gary Gruber fans

The article on Gary Gruber (FYI Education, August) was very inspiring. I loved the questions at the end, which made me realize what was meant by the term “critical thinking” in the article. I am looking forward to obtaining Gruber’s 2009 calendar, which I believe has more of these questions.
J. Parkinson, San Rafael

Thank you for the informative article on Gary Gruber. Our entire family enjoyed his puzzles and we would like to know, where can we obtain more of them? Not only were they fun doing, but we all felt we got smarter trying to solve them!
Miriam Gross, Larkspur

>> Marin writers unite

Thank you so much for this wonderful article on Mary Ann Shaffer “Pen Pals” (August). I was one of the fellow writers in her writing group, in fact several writing groups over the years. We were all so thrilled that the book went to a worldwide audience with such spectacular success. I’m looking forward to Annie Barrows’s appearance at Book Passage on September 10 to talk about it. I have just subscribed to your magazine.
Pat Arrigoni, via e-mail

>> Editors’ choice

As a new resident of Marin I especially loved getting your August issue in the mail. The editors’ choice coverage was fantastic! For a newbie like me or an old-time local it’s great to read and learn about Marin’s top picks in fashion, restaurants and food. The issue even gave me ideas on where my kids can learn to sail, where I can get my shoes repaired and the top spot to bring my dog on a run! Keep the information coming and kudos to your team of editors.
Christina Feduska, via e-mail


Correction: In the Home story “Pool House Perfection” (July), the photo for the Architecture Studio’s project was taken by Charles Callister Jr.

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