Readers Respond

>> Helge Hellberg fan
Your article on Helge Hellberg was terrific. I have been a regular at the Thursday Civic Center farmers market for many years, know my farmers by name, and only purchase dairy products from Straus dairy. So I thought I was pretty “together” on the subject….not! I really hadn’t ever thought of my carbon footprint from that vantage point. And topsoil usually doesn’t make it into my vocabulary either. And I love that Ms. Towle made sure to include the personal detail that his companion animal Timber was adopted from the Marin Humane Society.
Laurie Wilson, Mill Valley
>> Defender of Animals
I am an avid admirer of your magazine, but I was taken aback by your lack of compassion in choosing to run your back cover featuring a fur-clad model. In this land of plenty, empathy for all living creatures begins at home. The animals used for fur are raised in astonishingly horrid conditions, more often on foreign soils with no animal welfare laws in place. It is not uncommon for them to be electrocuted or skinned alive. This dirty little secret may not be warmly welcomed in idyllic Marin, but in our land of plenty, empathy for all living creatures surely begins at home.
Hannah Tai, Mill Valley

>> Power in Paradise
Having lived in Hawaii for many years and relocated to Marin only recently due to the lack of opportunities in my work field, I’m ready to pack my bags and head back over after Mimi Towle’s article “Power in Paradise.” It’s exciting to see so many international companies putting their money where their mouth is regarding alternative energies and putting their money into Hawaii’s economy. It’s not a bad place to visit either.
W. H. Hamond, via e-mail

Sure, Hawaii is gorgeous and sure the hotels are stepping it up to keep the state green but are they really doing it to be more eco-friendly or because it is a marketing ploy and the new “in thing”. I see greenwashing.
Chris Matthews, via e-mail

>> Take Me Away
After seeing your fall fashion feature at Cavallo Point I am not only excited to start shopping but also to book a night at the resort. Thanks for reminding me that such a world-class venue is open for business!
Kirtee Mehta, via e-mail

>> Danish Dreams
Looovvveed the home feature in the September issue. Not only was the layout, photography and writing all gorgeous but it was an inspiration to see how the owner intertwined her passion for horses and her lifestyle so elegantly (no flies buzzing in this kitchen!). But can’t you feature more homes under 3,500 square feet? Marin isn’t all McMansions. It seems these “smaller” homes may represent a large part of your audience—and we could use some design tips and inspiration as well.
Klaus Von Hopper, Sausalito

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