Readers Respond

>> Constitutional change
Jim Wood’s POV on “California’s Antiquated Constitution” was outstanding in the February issue. I, for one will follow it very closely with Jared Huffman, our assemblyman, and others in the state.
Many thanks!
—Frank G. Goodall, via e-mail

Boy, you are right on; California needs to make some progressive changes. Count me in.
—Joyce Bonifield, Greenbrae

>> More tree comments
As a landscape architect who has worked in most of the communities mentioned in “Tree Wars” (February), I find it ironic that my own city, San Rafael (dubbed a “Tree City USA,”) has no tree ordinance whatsoever. My next-door neighbor recently clear-cut a steep, forested slope above his house, destroying ten large, mature oaks, plums and bay laurels and many smaller trees. He eliminated all vestiges of beauty and privacy for my home and many other neighbors and exposed the steep slope to erosion. I complained to our mayor and to city planning staff, who said there was nothing they could do. They have formed a committee to “study protection of street trees,” but will not consider protecting trees on private property, stating that they have no money to enforce a tree ordinance. 
—Jay Thayer, San Rafael
Why is there such a fuss over trees in this county? I happen to think trees make a view more interesting. There is nothing more fascinating than to look at a majestic pine tree or observe a deciduous tree going through its dramatic color changes, leaf loss and growth each season.
—Lily Tanger, Fairfax

>> Greenbrae website
February was another home run issue—a constant reminder of how lucky we are to live here. Since Greenbrae was your Microclimate focus, readers may find more in-depth information regarding Greenbrae schools, merchants and real estate trends by clicking on Keep up the good work—we all benefit.
—Patricia Oxman, Greenbrae

Thank you for the article on Greenbrae; you’ve finally cleared up for me just where exactly it is!
—George Williams, via e-mail

>> Two home fronts
I enjoyed February’s “Here and There,” on living in Puerto Vallarta, except when homeowner David Schwartz suggested having a Costco, Wal-Mart and Home Depot are positives to the area. I enjoy finding areas in Mexico that are still relatively untouched by mass tourism. I suggest your readers try a weekend in Sayulita, a picturesque fishing village in Mexico. You can even take the bus there from Puerto Vallarta. There are incredible beaches and lush jungles, plus you’ll get a taste of rural Mexico.
—Lynn Reynolds, Mill Valley

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