Readers Respond

>> Home inspiration
In “Un-Extreme Makeover” (April), I finally got the inspiration I needed to start my own home remodel. Although I’ll be forgoing plans to do the total overhaul I’ve dreamed of, the article was a good reminder that the deals I can get during the recession might make doing a smaller home makeover and back-to-basics maintenance possible.
Jeff Georges, San Rafael

>> I want it now!
You said that Violet Beauregarde says “I want it now!” (“Un-Extreme Makeover”) but Veruca Salt says that. Violet Beauregarde only chews gum. I watched that movie a lot and I’ve read the book twice, once in preschool and once this year in kindergarten.
Greta Cifarelli, Mill Valley, age 5             

>> About the tree wars         
Thanks to time out of the country, I am a tad behind the times, and the trees. Regarding tree issues in Marin (“Tree Wars,” February), I simply have to register my concern. As far as I am concerned, if your tree blocks someone’s view, trim it or cut it down. Simple. Divine views surely overrule most trees in the Bay Area. Any other point of view seems churlish. Of course trees are wonderful, amazing, awe-inspiring, life-giving, etc. However, the Bay Area offers unique and highly expensive views. Those who have them are lucky, and do not deserve loss of said views, especially due to once-cheap, and now unruly (read ugly) pines, and eucalyptus now deemed dangerous. Replace them with small, civil trees or shrubs. Be a good neighbor: cut those darn trees. How can you possibly charge someone else to cut your tree(s) if it has grown into their view? Consider the reverse situation. The stories of citizens having to go to court to get neighbors to be neighborly should not be part of life here in Marin.
Anne Hosking, Tiburon

>> Affordable Marin
I wanted to respond to Greg Miller’s April letter, “Too Much Elitism.” As a young person living in Marin on a less than six-figure income, I echo his concerns about Marin Magazine’s exclusive subject matter. Each month I open this gorgeous publication to browse that which is unreachable to me and a great many other county residents: multimillion dollar real estate ads, precious boutiques and vacation suggestions where the nightly accommodation rate is more than my monthly rent. In these times when even many affluent Marinites are reconsidering unnecessary spending and consumption, it would be refreshing to see our namesake magazine feature some aspects of this extraordinary place that are accessible to all its citizens.                     
Mike Orlando, Sausalito

>> Great chefs in Marin
As a self-described foodie, I was excited to see that Michael Mina lives in Marin and read his take on our county in the Dialogue section of the April issue. It was also great to learn I have something in common with the celebrity chef: apparently we both can’t get enough of Pizzeria Picco in Larkspur! Now, I’ll be waiting for that “quaint family-style Italian restaurant” he said his wife Diane has always dreamed of opening and running.
Sheila Frank, Sausalito

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