Readers Respond

>> Misses Marin
The state of the economy tore me from Marin County last fall. Although Colorado and the snowcapped Rockies are magnificent, I desperately miss Marin’s rolling hills, mild climate and friendly neighbors. I eagerly await each issue of Marin Magazine to immerse myself in the beautiful photographs and articles about life in Marin. After reading the issue from cover to cover, I share each new issue with friends and family here. Thank you so much . . . keep them coming!
Rachel, via e-mail

>> Organic Marin
As a recent graduate of the Environmental Forum of Marin, as well as a member of the current inaugural Organic Farming class at the College of Marin (IVC), I just want to applaud your recent column (POV, June). We forget that until the post-World War II era, “organic” farming was the only way to farm. It was a sustainable practice that incorporated the principles of crop diversity, perennial planting, crop rotation, green manure (cover cropping) and various other nonchemical (i.e., organic) farming methods. It was not until the 1950s that the chemical leftovers from the war chest inspired the production of artificial fertilizers, herbicides and insectides that created the behemoth industry that we know as farming today. Small farmers have historically been the backbones of human civilization. Thank you so much for publicly voicing your interest and support. And yes, we are all in this together.
Hilary Jeffris, via e-mail

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